EasyRest Mattress 31

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Easyrest is designed for those in search of great value & quality Australian craftsmanship.

Easyrest features the advanced PIB spring system which is 60% stronger than the traditional Bonnell spring, it also has the unique spring in spring border support providing great edge support and a more  even surface.

Quilting Foam
All Foams is NON-ALLERGENIC and all Foam is treated with Pufity’ Anti-Microbial for greater protection against bacteria

Comfort Zone
Two (2) sheets of Poly Cushion
Two (2) sheets of Convoluted Foam

A single PIB coil is 60% stronger than a traditional bonnell spring, It has a racetracks structure to strengthen the edge for a long lasting sleep

Spring Count
Single – 216
King Single – 260
Double – 336
Queen – 390
King – 468


Available all sizes

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