Furniture Care

Furniture Care

Furniture care products are an essential part of protecting and extending the life of your furniture.

We stock a complete range of furniture and floor protection products including leather care kits, furniture polishes, fabric care kits, felt floor protectors, premium quality Slipstick foot floor protectors as well as a fabric protection service to protect your fabrics from stains and spills.

Inca Furniture Polish

Contains no silicones or petrochemical additives.

Easy to use and adds life to your timber furniture.

Available in 3 varieties:

  • Paste Wax
  • Liquid Cream Wax
  • Liquid Wax

Floor Protection

If you’ve got timber or tile floors we have the Slipstick Foot floor protectors are available in felt as well as the premium quality plastic foot. There’s a large selection to choose from and there’s something available for almost every application. Don’t let your furniture scratch your floors.

Leather Care

Leather is a long lasting and durable product but it needs the right care. The Ecoshield leather care kit is the perfect solution, it comes with a neutral PH cleaner that is gentle on the leather, a conditioner and a protector. Leather should be cleaned regularly and have a conditioner applied at least every 6 months to prevent it from drying.

Fabric Protection

We offer a fabric protection service to help protect and guard your fabrics from being damaged by spills. Fabric protection doesn’t bullet proof your fabric but it is essential if you want to enhance the cleaning process and be able to bring your fabric back to as new condition in the unfortunate event of a spill.

We also stock Ecoshield fabric care kits that you can have on hand if a spill does happen to occur.  It includes a bottle of spot cleaner, a bottle of deodoriser and a bottle of fabric protector to apply after the spill has been cleaned up.